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Superhero Isaac April 29, 2012

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This past weekend I had an opportunity to help out a great cause and I wanted to share the story of Isaac with you. Isaac is a 6 yr old boy who was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilm’s tumor about 5 weeks ago. He’s done 4 rounds of chemo and is doing exceptionally well despite the early findings (he also has mets on his lungs).  Some of the kids on his street were shaving their heads to show support, since he will be losing his hair in the next week or two. The neighbourhood parents were organizing a BBQ to raise money for the family to help with the costs associated with have a sick child. Everything had been donated, but they were still looking for a cake to serve.

This is the part where I came in. I was asked to donate a cake, “something fun and not the typical get well soon cake”

I came up with this Superhero Isaac cake – 2 layer (bottom was marble and top of chocolate and vanilla butter cream icing). Above are some pictures of Isaac with his cake. I was told the cake was “devoured” so, that’s always a good sign.

The next night I had the pleasure of receiving this e-mail from Isaac’s mom:

“Hi Connie, I just had to thank you for the wonderful cake you donated for my son Isaac. It was a complete surprise and an absolute hit. Everyone was talking about the ‘superhero Isaac’, and he absolutely BEEMED when he saw it! This little monkey has been through a lot in the past 6 wks and he really is a superhero. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. You made a little fighter extremely happy. And you made his parents forget he was sick for a while…. Thank you so very much. ”

Keep on fighting superhero Isaac and get better soon!


Animal playing drums cake April 24, 2012

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I loved every second of making this Animal cake!! My friend’s son, Callum turned 1 this past weekend. Cal’s dad is a very talented and hard core drummer and since little Cal loves the Muppets, an Animal cake was the only way to go!

It’s a chocolate cake with butter cream icing and covered in fondant. The top layer was vanilla cake with butter cream icing. Animal was made out of fondant and everything is edible!

Callum loved the cake! I could not believe how he just grabbed Animal’s head and put the whole thing in his mouth…red and black icing everywhere. It was so much fun to watch him devour it. Happy 1st birthday Cal!


Race car cake April 9, 2012

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of making a marble cake with vanilla buttercream icing for a friend’s brother who was turning 36 year old. She had mentioned growing up with all girls, Eric never had a special “boy” cake just for him, so Eric, hope you had an awesome birthday and you enjoyed the cake!


Happy Easter from the Cake Chick April 8, 2012

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