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Airplane birthday cake and cupcakes June 30, 2012

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This cake was ordered for little Logan who turned 4 last weekend. As you can tell, Logan loves airplanes and firetrucks. The cake was marble filled with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant. The cupcakes were chocolate with handmade airplane toppers made from fondant and gumpaste.

Happy birthday Logan!


Ladybug cake June 5, 2012

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This weekend I had some pretty fun cakes to make. One of them was this cute ladybug cake. I think the ladybug theme for a girl is so sweet….any age or occasion.

Most of my friends have boys, so when I get a chance to do girl cakes, that’s when the creativity really starts flowing. I love using pinks and purples on my cakes. Sydney’s mom says she loves ladybugs and pink, and NO chocolate. So I made a one tier vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. I made the ladybug on top out of rice krispies and the little lady bugs from gumpaste.

This was one of my favorites because the design was just so darn cute! Hope you like it.


Repunzel cake

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So I spent a large part of this weekend making a cake for my neighbour’s adorable daughter, Valerie. She was turning five, and desperately wanted a Rapunzel party. Kids are happy with any cake, any celebration, of course. They’re awesome and really easy to please that way. But when you can create something really special, the kids can tell. I love being able to do that for a child.

I have to say, I had a lot of fun making this cake. I got to try a few new techniques that I have been wanting to do, and had fun learning as I went along. What would a Rapunzel cake be without the tower? I molded this tower out of rice krispy treats, and covered it in fondant. I saw that on Cake Boss one time, so I thought I’d try it. However, I don’t remember the Cake Boss telling me that rice krispies are HEAVY, so when I put the tower on the cake, the cake collapsed. So, that sucked. Anyhow, try #2. I put the tower on the cake board next to the cake, rather than on top. Was still a bit wobbly, but it made it across the street. It got some raindrops on it, so that was disappointing after all that detail, but oh well, can’t control everything.

The cascade of hair was fondant with gumtex. I used my son’s plado device “thingy”, then brushed it with some gold luster dust.

A few final touches with some candy rocks, piped grass, and fondant flowers made it a fairy tale ending.


Scoobie Doo cake

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Ok, so this was a cake for my friend Stephanie’s son, Liam who was turning 6 years old. Originally this was going to be a wrestling cake, until the night I was about to start baking when I got this text: “Ok, so Liam really wants a Scoobie Doo cake, can you do it?”. So, the Cake Chick set out on a new adventure and I came up with this. Chocolate Cake was requested with buttercream filling. There are so many awesome Scooby Doo cakes out there. The best thing about Scooby Cakes is that you can put so much stuff on it… not too much so that it is junky but just enough because there are tons of characters and items that scream Scooby Doo… pardon the pun. Scream? Scooby? Did you get it…

Scooby Doobie Doo

Here are you…


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