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Girly monkey cake October 29, 2012

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This cake came out soooo girly, I just loved it, and so did little Beth’s mom. I love this color combination and as we all know I love polka dots, so it was right up my alley. The decorations at the party were adorable and it went so well with the theme. They also had Monkey Rock come out to entertain the kids. So much fun!



JUST Carrot Cake October 23, 2012

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It was my hubby’s birthday this past weekend and he asked for carrot cake..well, let me rephrase. I got a massive bag of carrots a few weekends before and realized we really have to do something with the carrots soon, so I did one of these:, honey? We haven’t had carrot cake in a while, eh? Waiting..waiting…Then he says: How about carrot cake for my birthday? Great, so since it was HIS idea, it was a GREAT idea. I’m sure if I instead said: Honey, how about some carrot cake for your birthday, answer would not have been so enthusiastic.

I also went on a carrot binge and made carrot cupcakes and carrot soup. Thank God it’s all gone, cause by the end my hand was hurting from all the peeling and grating.

The carrot cake here was pretty tasty, with its plush and tender crumb made moist by an abundance of shredded carrots and crushed pineapple. Generously studded with large chunks of walnuts and pecan and enrobed in a velvety cream cheese frosting, each slice is perhaps a bit larger than one person would be advised to consume in a sitting.

Thanks to my lovely neighbours who helped us consume the rather large cake over the weekend.

Happy birthday Jamie!



Grover Cake and cupcakes

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Hi there Cake Chick followers,

I’ve slacked a bit in the blogging department, so this project was from a few weeks ago already. My friend’s little boy was turning 1 and they decided to do a Grover theme birthday party.

We decided to go with both cupcakes and a cake. I’ve done the Sesame Street theme with my Elmo cake back in March earlier this year, but never done Grover before. I like Grover, especially when he is in his cape as Super Grover.

The cupcakes were really fun to make too and think they turned out pretty cute.

What do you think?

PS. Happy 1st birthday Kristian. The pictures looked like he enjoyed himself…


Cute as a button cupcakes October 3, 2012

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So I bought a fondant button mold a while ago and I’ve been dying to use it to make cute little buttons for a cake or as cupcake toppers, and when I was asked to make the dessert for our friend Anna’s baby shower, I thought this would be the perfect time to use it.

Anna is having a boy in about 2 months, so I decided to make blue, teal, white, brown and beige buttons. They were so much fun to make (thanks to my hubby for helping to trim the buttons at midnight the night before the shower..LOL).

I decided since it seems like everyone is on some sort of a diet or strict calorie intake these days to make mini cupcakes. I also decided this would be a great opportunity to try some new recipes I’ve been meaning to try so other that the traditional chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and toasted coconut lime cupcakes. They were all topped with the little buttons and I think they turned out quite cute…cute as a button! LOL

So Anna, hope you enjoyed them and congratulations!


Angry birds cake October 1, 2012

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So by now, I think the whole world know about Angry Birds. It’s the reason millions of people have spent the last two years going to the bathroom and not returning for 25 minutes when they’re at work. My husband and my almost 5 year old son seem to argue who’s turn is next and finding new hiding spots to play in peace. Now it comes in the form of cake, cupcakes, blankets, Halloween costumes, water bottles, lunch bags, backpack clips, everything and anything you can think of.

When my friend Cristina asked me to make an Angry Birds cake for her son Cristiano, I said “of course”. Cristiano is one of my son’s best friends, so they were both excited to see this cake. I was there when he saw his cake for the first time and I can truly say that this is why I love to make these edible works of art…his eyes were so big and he looked truly happy and excited that this was his cake. All the other kids were bright eyed and gathered all around for the Happy Birthday song. They all asked to eat the fondant logs and the eggs first…WEIRD! Kids will be kids.

My son also fell in love with this cake, so he is asking for the same cake for his birthday, so stay tuned.

Happy 6th birthday Cristiano XOXO


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