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Angry Birds Cake and Cupcakes November 8, 2012

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This past weekend was a busy but fun weekend full of birthday celebrations for my now 5 year old. It was a birthday extravaganza and he loved it.

Tyler loves playing the games and collecting all things Angry Birds, wearing his Angry birds T-shirts, drawing and coloring all the characters and putting angry birds stickers on EVERYTHING. I guess he’s a little chip off the old block, huh?

So, needless to say, he’s been preparing himself for his Angry Birds party for a while now. The only last minute surprise to all, including myself, is that the party theme was now Angry Birds SPACE….wow. So he made sure to let me know that the birds look different and that there had to be some sort of moon or space elements on his cake.

So, being the super cake chick I am (LOL), I came up with a pretty good plan. I made a small round cake using the Wilton soccer ball cake pan to look like the moon (with craters and all), 3 smaller moon like mini cakes and 12 cupcakes. The only problem now was making sure he didn’t see his cake before his birthday. I stayed up a few nights baking and decorating his cake, waiting until he fell asleep so he wouldn’t see it. When I finished, I put it in a cake box and taped it shut so he couldn’t peek inside

When my son saw his cake he just couldn’t stop looking at it. “Wow! Is this really my cake?!?” He was just so happy to have his very own Angry Birds cake and all his little friends were pretty impressed too. “My Mommy made this, you know?” he says. SO CUTE


Every birthday cake I’ve made for my boys have become milestones, so I try to do my best to make each birthday cake as special as they are.

Here’s to another milestone and to more birthdays!

Happy 5th birthday Tyler!


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