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Cute puppy dog cake December 16, 2012

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My youngest son Julian, turned 2 last weekend and we had a big birthday bash to celebrate. At this age, sometimes it’s hard to decide on a theme, but one thing is for sure..this little guy looooves puppies. He walks around like a puppy and makes us follow him around on all fours. When he’s not pretending to be a puppy, he just wants one…but I will NEVER cave … LOL. Two boys is hard works in itself, so why would I want a puppy too? I can hear all of you doggie lovers and owners oohhing and ahhhing about how the rewards outway all the work, but I don’t buy it.

So even though I did a puppy cake for his 1st birthday last year..check it out….

Puppy cake1

he still likes puppies, so I figured, why not? He loves chocolate, so it ‘s a double chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. A Debbie Brown classic… I loved making him. It was so much fun!

Puppy cake 2

Happy birthday Julian!


Baby boy shower cupcakes December 12, 2012

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I had so much fun planning, designing, making and decorating these cupcakes. I was asked to make 72 cupcakes for a large baby shower. I have to admit, this is the most cupcakes I have ever done all at once, so it took quite some planning in order for everything to come together at the end.

I spend a few days just making all the cupcake toppers. I decided to go with baby blue, white, brown and soft greens to match the invitation that was sent my way. I made 12 baby carriages, 12 little bears, 12 bibs, 12 little daisies and 12 buttons.


Two days before the shower I baked my cupcakes and iced and decorated them the day of pick up. They all came together so nicely and the customer was very happy with the outcome. I’ve been told they were a hit at the shower.



Girly butterfly cake

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I’ve been so lucky to do a whole bunch of fun cakes lately and this one is one of my favorites. I love working on girly cakes, especially when I get carte blanche to design anything. All I was asked to come up with is a girly butterfly cake.

This cake was my favorite chocolate cake, I know I use this one a lot, it’s just that darn good! The cake was iced with vanilla buttercream and covered with fondant. I love the combination of pinks and lime green.

Happy birthday Kelsey!


I was very happy to hear the birthday girl loved her cake and had a fantastic day. Check out that cute excited face!




Transformers cake December 5, 2012

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A few weekends ago I made this Transformers cake I’d like to share with you. It was for a little boy turning 4 years old. I made a 10” round chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

I really like how it turned out although making all the little balls for the border around the mask was a bit more time consuming that I had anticipated.

Overall, I think the Optimus Prime transformers cake would transform any birthday party into an action-packed celebration!

Happy 4th birthday Tristan!



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